I was born a small child...

Now that I’ve partially grown up I’ve found myself helping organizations percieve, articulate and (re)design their story. Each project is different, but it always includes a research process, and analysis of the core mission and the obstacles to integration.  

I've worked on a variety of projects for Apple, frog Design, TEDx Austin, JCPenney and others. I’ve helped startups pitch their services to companies like Southwest Airlines, Best Buy, XGames, Microsoft Research, Top Golf, Bio-Tronik and others. 

I love to ski and mountain bike. I write electronic music and do digital art to keep the saw sharp. I’m always open to new thinking and the exhange of ideas...

Thanks for visiting…  


"In a multidisciplinary group, Bill was our music and audio expert and easily adapted to whatever situation we threw to him, whether a trade show, film festival, customer visit, or developer meeting. He's also one of the nicest people I've known.  I highly recommend Bill."

Michael Wong, Senior Manager Creative Pro Partnerships, Apple Inc

"When I started CallSpace, Bill was the first person I wanted on the team. I needed someone who could hold their own with Fortune 500 marketing teams and over-deliver against expectations. Bill is brilliant...and he executes. A rare combo."

Rich Manley, CEO CallSpace Inc

"Bill is outstanding and comfortable in the board room, with top marketing execs, or in helping the customer through a creative journey and experience. Bill Burgess is one of the most creative and passionate people that you can work with."

Mike Lee, UCT Network Ops, NBC Universal



As a subject matter expert I briefed Cupertino executives monthly on emerging music creation trends, competitive threats, post production workflows and obstacles to integration. I championed Apples trade show presence in worldwide electronic music markets, leading events in Miami, NY and LA.

frog Design

Senior Designer, project lead & client whisperer on frog architecture team. Modeled a human centered design focus to lead hybrid teams and cost sensitive stakeholders to the successful completion of a year long, $2.9 million architecture design/build project for a global company of 12,000 in Silicon Valley, CA.


Engaged by JCPenney VP of Marketing to assess and re-design all in-store music for 1,100 stores. Established in-store music usage proof of concept as brand wide interim music supervisor for 7 months, bringing contracted music vendor into tighter alignment with a more curated brand opinion.

TEDx Austin

Creative Producer in charge of video, audio and music design. Conceptualized “The Cube”, and created large format media for a first ever 4-sided seamless video projection device that went on to tour multiple US cites. Using volunteer staff and out of favor materials, we created a 1.7 mil $ event for under 50k.