I was born a small child…

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I’m currently working as a Senior Design consultant for frog Design in Austin TX. I am a former Los Angeles based technical marketing executive for Apple, where I helped shape software product roadmaps for music creation applications. 

I’ve been a multi-functional creative director, content producer, hole filler, copywriter and idea engine in a number of unusual high-stakes recruitments. I’ve learned that designing an immersive and artful story right up front can keep a project on course when the weather roughens. 

I enjoy building relationships across disciplines to understand obstacles and exchange thinking. I value collaborative light hearted environments. where strong opinions are stress tested and the best work is elevated and optimized. I enjoy late night burger runs with interns as much as sushi with clients.



I refer to my biggest creative influences as Daisy Cutters. Which was a kind of bomb dropped in Vietnam that levelled the battlefield to the point of cutting the grass. Crude perhaps but descriptive. Es Devlin, Richard Serra, the guy who invented Velcro, Saul Bass, Peter Zumthor, Stanley Kubrick. You get the idea. The people below changed the course of my thinking creatively. My Daisy Cutters from top left:

Miles Davis, Robert Wilson, Alejandro Iñárritu, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Laurie Anderson, James Turrel.

"Bill's extremely connected, a great musician, communicator and deal maker. I enjoyed working with him and would work with him again without hesitation!"

Craig Linnsen, Senior Partnership Manager-Music & Audio. Apple Inc

"Bill is brilliant... and executes. A rare combo. There is no one I'd rather have in the trenches with me than him."

Rich Manley, CEO CallSpace Inc

The best car commercials don’t show the car...

I’m not buying a car. I’m buying possibility. I took this picture traveling with loved ones in New Mexcio. Patagonia has mastered this type of story telling. It’s never about the down jacket, it’s about a different life. Great creative work puts human experience first. 

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