BIll Burgess

design - music - art

I’m Bill...

I have seventeen years of Los Angeles-Austin based design, strategy, media production, built environment, storytelling and marketing experience. I’ve had the privilege of following my interests so in that respect it seems criminal to call it a career. Along the way I’ve worked with some really smart people. Thanks for stopping in...


frog Design: Aricent World Headquarters - Silicon Valley, CA

Senior Designer, project lead, interior design, media consulting, construction administration, additional furniture design, art curation

Apple - Pro Apps Marketing Executive

Embedded in Los Angeles as one of four pro-apps executives worldwide doing on-site visits with top 1% of high value Apple customers. Documented high priority feature requests for software development teams. Contributed conceptual product designs, web stories, built education partnerships and supported founding of New York, Los Angeles user groups. Drove Apple presence into un-leveraged electronic dance music markets over 2.5 years. Credited by Director as the key initiative that kept software sales even during longest dot revision in company history.


TEDx Austin 2013

Creative producer, layout design concepts, large format video, sound design, music supervision, fabrication, featured performer

frog Design Aricent - Lobby Experience,  Silicon Valley, CA

Telling the story of a worldwide communications developer to visitors and guests in the lobby of world headquarters. Senior Designer, project lead, research and development, content design, sculptural design, additional modeling

The Cube - Four Sided Projection Device

Bill Burgess, design concept, additional fabrication, large format video, content producer - Jeff Sharpe, design, construction drawings, additional fabrication 


CallSpace - Austin, TX Creative Director - VP of Production

Creative direction, art direction, branding, client lead, digital pipeline design, content producer, production liason to software development teams. Co-led creative strategy winning $2 million in venture capital funding and a $1.5 million dollar pilot contract. Produced on-hold user experience prototypes for JCPenny, Best Buy, ASDA, Southwest Airlines. Wrote, produced and deployed over 100 client approved advertising spots into a complex advertising cadence, demonstrating viability and production capacity to marketing team and VC’s.

JCPenney, Brandwide Music Design

Retained to re-think music usage brand wide. Drove design research, derived customer personas, use case scenarios, researched emerging trends and competitive threats. Tested results by curating music playlists for 1,108 stores for seven months, modeling to internal stakeholders and contracted in-store music vendor a narrowed focus and stronger point of view ahead of incoming CEO.