Go Forth as Your Spirit

Bill Burgess - video, original music

Fear isn’t True

Bill Burgess - video, original music

Anti-Defamation League  100th Anniversary Four Seasons Hotel - Austin, TX

Bill Burgess - video, original music

Featured Artist - Aurora Convergence of Light, Dallas, TX

Experience design and narrative concept, video, music composition, additional fabrication. With artistic partner and site designer Jeff Sharpe. This one night event was seen by 45,000 people.

Fusebox Festival 2015 - Austin, TX

Showing Austin a reflection of itself…
Bill Burgess - design concept, installation. Jeff Sharpe - construction drawings, installation. Blue Genie - fabrication

Division of Wonder - Downs Field Historic Baseball Rededication

Design concept, fabrication, original music - Bill Burgess. Design, site plan, fabrication - Jeff Sharpe

Personal Work

My work has shown in Brooklyn, Dallas and Palm Springs. All the images below are 16” x 20” and available in limited editions, printed on aircraft grade white aluminum.

Marfa, TX  2018

My dad and I always wanted to see Donald Judd’s sculptures in Marfa and talked about it often. We never got that chance. After his funeral I decided to pass through there by myself as a way of remembering him. To my great dismay I arrive 20 minutes after the last gallery tour left.  I tried everything to get to see those sculptures but the clerk at the desk put her foot down. Marfa is about 8 hours from everywhere so I was at a loss.

I went back in and asked if I could take some pictures of the artwork fom the outside looking in. She said they highly discourage that but there is no legal reason that I could not. As I began taking photos I noticed that the angry Texas sky was reflecting on the glass behind me. If I positioned myself just right I could see the sculptures inside and also the sky behind me reflected on the glass of the building. I have 218 of these images. They are single exposure, taken on a iPad Pro and they are not photoshopped or manipulated in any way. In a very real way I felt like my dad was there with me. I still have no idea how I was able to photograph this stuff.

My dad was a sulptor and a big influence on me. I did a video some years back about his biggest piece. Scroll down to see it. I’ll see you up the road pops...