Creative Producer  

Five months in the making, our design flipped the teacher student model of TED into a multi-room installation of questions & personal transformation for 600 curated guests. 5 badge colors, 5 chefs, 5 interwoven experiences.

Large Format Video Design

The Cube

Conceived as a symbol for the way a data intensive culture can take us away from the truly important, The Cube confronted all TEDx Austin participants as they made their way to their seats. The data intensive images and sound design were intended to point out the gravity and magnetism that the virtual world relentlessly seeks to exert over our daily lives. The Cube has been featured in installations in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin and Phoenix.

Bill Burgess - cube concept, large format video creation, sound design, fabrication
Jeff Sharpe - cube structural design, flight case design, drawings, models, fabrication

Aurora Convergence of Light 2013,
Dallas Opera House

Division of Wonder designed an immersive storytelling environment exploring The Dust Bowl and our relationship to economic collapse. Installed directly in front of Dallas Opera House, this immersive installation appeared from a distance as black and white video floating on top of a sea of grass. This one night installation was seen by 45,000 people.

Fusebox Festival 2015, Austin TX

Division of Wonder was commissioned to physically express a 6 month design research program called ThinkEAST, which was a community outreach Charette, (interactive sounding board) to get community input on the best use of a environmentally challenged peice of land in east Austin TX. The piece, titled Ascension, anchored Austin’s renowned Fusebox Festival for 2015.

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