“The Bottom Rung"

Income inequality as sculpture

This piece was rejected in 2015 by the city of Austin, TX. for an installation on a prominent side of the Austin Convention Center. I designed it so that the bottom rung of this ladder assembly was barely out of reach.It will feel rickety and will move and creak in the wind. I hope I get to build it someday.

In a small way I hope to bring empathy and understanding to the rich on behalf of the poor. As I often tell my children when we see people asking for money. Being poor is the hardest job on the Earth.

Fusebox Festival 2015 Austin, TX

We used 150 mirrors mounted in trees to cap a 6 month design research program called ThinkEAST which was intended to be a community outreach interactive sounding board to determine the best use of a environmentally challenged peice of land in east Astin TX.

Concept by Bill Burgess with design and drawings by Jeff Sharpe.
Fabrication methodology by Eric Standridge and Blue Genie Art.
Fabric design by Laura Davis Berryman.

Google Earth

I spent some up close personal time with this wonderful app while recovering from a mountain bike injury. The “anomalies” and oddities that Google engineers are struggling to fix this minute are what fascinate me most. I have over 1,000 shots so far.

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