A Lifelong Work in Progress

Music is where I sharpen the saw. I went to Berklee College of Music, (arguably one of the best music schools in the world) on a scholarship. Since then I’ve written music for Disney, Apple, NBC and a bunch of other stuff. Along the way I became quite good at production and music software (scroll down). I release my own music under namnes Space Dozer, Day of Radiance and Horizon Watcher.

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Horizon Watcher

I do everything regarding Horizon Watcher. Including live shows, video and graphics.
5 Song Debut EP "War of Doors” released worldwide on Uplink Records June 25th 2021

Space Dozer

Space Dozer is a Los Angeles - Austin collaboration between drummer Bill Burgess, Bassist Tony Green and pianist Esse (Susan) Costantini. It's as if early 70's Miles Davis and 80's ECM Records collided with the electronic treatments and beat manipulations of Four Tet and Jon Hopkins. Guest artists have included guitarists Curtis Mathewson and Scott Fraser and trumpet player Dan Clucas.

Personal Music

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I redesigned the Apple Certified Logic training program worldwide. Near the end of the project I was asked to teach 2 three day Logic courses at Apple headquarters in Cupertino to demonstrate the changed approach. It makes me sick with fear even now. They offered me a position in Hollywood so I think it went well. After I left Apple I began making training content with macprovideo and I've now done over 800 tutorials. A few of them are free and I’ve posted them below. My main focus still is helping the ordinary musician get musical results as quickly as possible. I also built niche (XTreme Series) showing advanced users how to exploit the design limits of audio software.