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A Lifelong Work in Progress

The hermit kingdom is finally opening up. I’ve got so much music backlogged and unreleased that I’ve started to post it on Souncloud and Bandcamp so my ancestors won’t hate me when they sort through my things. Look for a new Horizon Watcher 2020 release. I’ve also got two to three new Space Dozer records in the mix stage.

Thx for listening...

I’ve made over 800 music creation videos. Scroll down to watch some...

Space Dozer

In Light of Dark Matter

Space Dozer
One of my favorite projects. Space Dozer mixes the best parts of improvised free music with beats and Ableton Live realtime manipulations. Everything we do with this project is recorded live and edits afterward are kept to a minimum. Bass player Tony Green is a childhood friend of mine from Colorado and we have been making music together in one way or another since we were 10 years old. Click Apple Music or Bandcamp icons in the footer...

What music you working on?

I love music so I’m always open to new ideas and collaboration. My strengths are building drum tracks, creating cinematic ambiences, remixes and perfecting rhythm feels.

I’ve written music for Apple, NBC, Disney and a bunch of other stuff. I use Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Logic. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with many plug-in companies and so I have well over 500 plugins and instruments. If I can’t help, I may know people who can...


I redesigned the Apple Certified Logic training program worldwide. Near the end of the project I was asked to teach 2 three day Logic courses at Apple headquarters in Cupertino to demonstrate the changed approach. It makes me sick with fear even now. They offered me a position in Hollywood so I think it went well. After I left Apple I began making training content with macprovideo and I've now done over 800 tutorials. A few of them are free and I’ve posted them below. My main focus still is helping the ordinary musician get musical results as quickly as possible. I also built niche (XTreme Series) showing advanced users how to exploit the design limits of audio software.