Apple Inc

 Pro Apps Technical Marketing Executive

Embedded in Hollywood and the only audio specialist on a team of just four Final Cut Pro marketing field specialist world wide, my job description was “find the top 1% and see what they need”.

I built working relationships with 100+ culturally significant music creation and audio post professionals, troubleshooting solutions, designing workflows, integrating 3rd party apps, documenting feature requests, doing on-site training and hosted multiple on-site visits for senior software development teams from Cupertino and Hamburg.

As a subject matter expert I briefed Cupertino executives monthly on emerging music creation trends, competitive threats, post production workflows and obstacles to integration. I helped drive VIP feature requests, (and a couple of my own) into short and mid-term product roadmaps. I championed Apples trade show presence in electronic music markets in Miami, NY and Los Angeles. Redesigned Apple Certified Logic Pro Training Worldwide and developed a number of key partnerships for Apple that I can’t disclose.


Re-designing in-store music for 1,040 locations

Recruited by JCPenney VP of Marketing to create a C-Suite Creative Brief to "rethink how we do music brand-wide." Conducted in-depth research and competitive weakness analysis. Identified three key customer arc-types. Designed a stronger multi-generational and multi-ethnic point of view. Wrote design guides and briefs for contract music vendor to construct a more emotionally integrated customer experience. I wrote “Shimmering, modern, emotionally significant, unapologetically optimistic and uniquely American” as a tagline for successors. Submitted monthly playlists to VP for 7 months based on agency of record monthly brief. Created DJ mixes for2 worldwide events at JCP headquarters in Plano TX.


Ground up buildout of patented on-hold contextualized messaging 

Creative director and VP of audio production for this SaaS audio ad-agency delivering customer specific messaging, music and text’s for on-hold callers of big box retail usingthe patented CallDesignerTM Enterprise Voice Ad Platform

Elevated value proposition and pricing structure nearly 350% by distilling core messaging and product strategy into an untapped revenue channel for the CMO, instead of a cost cutting IT utility for the CTO.

Co-presenter (w CEO) in dozens of Fortune 500, VC, B2B and C-Suite pitch meetings. Netted 2.5 million in initial funding and a multi-million dollar pilot contract with a nationally known big box retailer.

Designed, built and optimized creative production pipelines, including audio conversion codecs, file extension protocols and audio mastering droplets. Hired staff and produced weekly ISDN voice over sessions. Deployed thousands of audio assets into CallDesignerTM platform.

Promoted to creative director-lead client facing account executive. Owned and maintained confidential brand precedent, creative brief style guide and marketing cadence calendars. Perfected client facing UX/UI experience design dashboard POC for client managers. Deployed 100+ brand approved audio spots into marketing launch cadence, proving creative capacity to client CMO, board members and key investors

X-Games Austin

Re-thinking VIP backstage green rooms as television

Brought in by an event company after their initial presentation to ESPN fell flat, we brought the original Wieden+Kennedy creative brief of generating 'first ever' content opportunities in-house by creating a Go Pro fueled 'down market' reality show. We broke the design in two halves: Wreckage and Recovery. The bar is built with wrecked cars where athletes are invited to break up grandmas porcelain poodle collection with wrist rockets. Also included: Bingo in a 70's RV, Nurse Rached 'massages' & wheelchair races. 

For political reasons beyond the scope of this website this one got buried before ESPN or Weiden could see it. If you are from either organization email me!

Bill Burgess - concept, client lead, deck designer, copywriter, presenter
Jeff Sharpe - concept & adaptations, architectural design, drawings, models

TEDx Austin Fear-Less creative producer

Five months in the making, our design flipped the teacher student model of TED into a multi-room installation of questions & personal transformation for 600 curated guests. 5 badge colors, 5 chefs, 5 interwoven experiences. The Cube (large format interactive video), custom set fabrication, interactive play area, a vertical garden and custom sound design completed the experience.

Jeff Sharpe - architectural design, creative direction, floor plans, models, The Cube design drawings
Bill Burgess - The Cube, media concepts, sound design, music supervision, large format video production, music performer
Eric Standridge - design, custom fabrication
Chris Cziquos - design, custom fabrication

The Cube

Conceived as a symbol for the way a data intensive culture can take us away from the truly important, The Cube confronted all TEDx Austin participants as they made their way to their seats.The data intensive images and sound design were intended to point out the gravity and magnetism that the virtual world relentlessly seeks to exert over our daily lives. The Cube has been featured in installations in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin and Phoenix.

Bill Burgess - cube concept, large format video creation, sound design, fabrication
Jeff Sharpe -  cube structural design, flight case design, drawings, models, fabrication


Dallas Aurora Convergence of Light 2013, Dallas Arts District

Featured Artists

Bill Burgess & Jeff Sharpe designed a four sided video environment exploring The Dust Bowl and economic collapse. Installed directly in front of Dallas Opera House, this immersive installation appeared from a distance as black and white video floating on top of a sea of grass. This one night installation was seen by 45,000 people.

Bill Burgess - story concept, large format video edit, site design, original music, fabrication
Jeff Sharpe - site design, drawings, models, story, fabrication
Eric Standridge - fabrication
Chris Cziquos - fabrication

SKU/Incubation Station investor event Brazos Hall, Austin TX

Re-inventing a cluttered vendor trade show

Designers Bill Burgess and Jeff Sharpe combat visual clutter with a "floating inner sanctuary” constructed of space blankets. Fabrication and additional design by Eric Standridge, Laura Davis, Chris Czichos.

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